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ITFY#6 : Menstrual cup from Lamazuna4mns de lecture

The cup has been around for a while and it promises so many positive things that it’s almost hard to believe. We could imagine that this is a totally new phenomenon according to its stupendous rise. Well, hold on, this little thing – at least its ancestor – was born more than 80 years ago! And after more than 60 years being used by our Scandinavian and Canadian friends, finally here it is!

In these dark times when the tampons and sanitary pads debate is raging, I decided to start and try this alternative which, in my opinion, seems promising.

Concept and brand

The menstrual cup is made of flexible medical silicone in the shape of a bell that can collect our menstrual fluid each month. This can be reused for about 10 years, you simply have to sterilize it (in a pot of boiling water for about ten minutes) between each cycle.


On the Cup market, a brand caught my attention : Lamazuna (where to find it?) which means « pretty girl » in Georgian. It is a French brand with some honorable mentions :

« Smarter cosmetics, more reasonable, more ecological and more human.  »
« Not tested on animals and don’t use materials that contain animal derivatives »
« A quality management system that meets all the requirements for the manufacture of medical devices »

How to choose your cup ?

 There are 2 sizes of cup, find the one that suits you :

  • Size 1 : if you never had a vaginal delivery and if you fluid is mild to moderate
  • Size 2 : if you already had a vaginal delivery or if your fluid is generally abundant

 How to use it ?

  • Good hygiene :

– This involves sterilizing the cup between each cycle : boil it for about ten minutes in a saucepan, you can also use a sterilizer or tablets.

Wash your hands before each manipulation

– Keep a correct personal hygiene

Rinse it thoroughly with clear water before each application

  • Find the folding that suits you :

To insert the cup, it’s essential to fold it. Here are 2 techniques :



1 – Flatten it out and fold it in half
2 – Fold it inwards

  • Choose a comfortable position :

Whether squatting in the shower, lying on the bed, a foot on the toilet bowl or on the bathtub… Find yours 😉

  • Insert it :

Once the previous steps are completed, you will be able to carefully insert it by spreading your labia. The cup doesn’t need to be placed as high as a tampon : usually about one phalanx of the vagina’s entrance. Depending of course of each woman’s anatomy.

Nothing better than a diagram to illustrate that … and BAM here it is!



Optional : if you have trouble inserting it, you can use a lubricant or simply moisten it with a bit of water. It usually unfolds itself, otherwise you can simply « screw » it to help it position itself properly. To avoid leaking problems, check its proper deployment by inserting a finger to go around the cup.

  • Remove it :

Find a confortable position (squatting for example) and relax. Slightly pull on the stem to gently bring it closer to the vagina’s entrance. To remove the sucker effect, grab the stem with your thumb and major and squeeze the cup with your index finger to bend it and let some air in.


Once removed, rinse with clear water before reuse.

My rating : 19,5/20

Disadvantages … Seriously ?

Well if I were picky, I’d tell you that the first use is quite a discovery. You have to know your anatomy to position it properly. But as soon as you get the hang of it, it’s a breeze! I was a pro after the third use only.

Lots and lots of advantages

  • Comfy : once in place, it’s unnoticeable and super discrete, it’s invisible!
  • Economical : the Lamazuna cup is about 25 € and lasts 10 years… it costs about 20centimes / month!
  • Ecological : a single tampon « produces » about 4 waste. What about the cup ? 1 per 10 years!
  • Practical : It can stay up until 12h! Just empty the cup, rinse it and BAM done.
  • Effective : Zero leak + zero smell
  • Respectful of the mucosa : No harmful component = no irritation. This cup is made of « 100% platinum medical silicone, used in surgery and approved to stay 30 days inside the human body ».

    Brief disclaimer : this article is not a partnership, this is my personal and sincere opinion.

Have you already tested ? Share your opinion in the comment section 

Read you soon 😘


Sources : – Lamazuna



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